Saturday, July 14, 2012

Falling through the Roof

Your foot falls into the bowl of all I am needing, here
among the overlapping pinks, and the greening lapping over.
The spaces around me are become huge, then narrow. You, like honey,
glaze these nightmares. Knowing you're with me through this jungle of  clouds and their clashing
gives back to me my standing and the flowers of my standing, profuse. 
You pretend not to notice my sins. All that you see is a kernel of good in me, which had flown down though many roofs, and could not have stopped falling
without the loyalty you give me, which holds me
and knots me into place, beside your mellowness.
On  this golden ground, I sense you are the gardener this garden yearns for,
the gardener who allows me space, yet the reassurance of enclosure.
You give me more than a roof, through which I need no longer fall. You give me a nest and a bower.

For my florist from Mount Macedon.


  1. dear Faisal, with a few words and images ... you manage to communicate a powerful intensity of feeling. This is what I have to come to think of as the Faisalistic style. It's truly wonderful. cheers, catmint

  2. Thankyou, Catmint. The hallmark of the 'Faisalistic' style may be an impenetrable see-sawing between obscure reference and implied rapture, I don't know! I think my next post had better be totally DOWN TO EARTH!

    1. well whatever else we are, being gardeners is an important part of our identities, so I don't expect you ever to completely leave worms, compost and such-much - but there's no hurry, it doesn't have to be the next post, or even the post after next. And in case anyone out there is contemplating a thesis on Faisalism they might need more material.

    2. Whenever I feel like compost, Catmint, your encouragement lifts me out of it. All of us, I feel, have huge scope to grow. There's a universe of gardening out there to get to know, isn't there?

    3. I would think feeling like compost would be a wonderful feeling - growing, changing, alive, being part of a truly sustainable ecosystem ...