Friday, July 27, 2012

Slight sight.

Winter is a time of reduction. And a time of volume, the volume of water.          
Mulberry shoots out of nothing.                          

A fire in winter - Eucalyptus Caesia.
Ipheion, so shy, yet profuse.
Wire, shadows, faded dandelion, Eucalypt, blondeness.
Jonquil, a song heard in the emptiness...
A sprig. Valiant Pittosporum
The noble iris, waving its flag, a victor.
A bottle of water and wattle in the bottle.


  1. Hello Faisal:
    Message in a bottle takes on an entirely different meaning after looking at these haunting images. The sparseness of flower in the winter, when all around is death and decay, surely makes us focus on even the smallest sign of life, and how beautifully you capture these tiny shoots of Nature for us to enjoy here.

    We do so hope that you are enjoying a well deserved rest from the toils of labour in the garden in your winter mode. Your messages in a bottle are reminders of the seasons ahead and new life which will burst forth before one even has time to catch breath!

  2. Hello summery Jane and Lance,
    no, I am not enjoying any rest from the garden, this space that never goes away. Maybe in spring, when everything is cracking along, I'll just go blind and pretend to ignore it. This year the days have been so good I've been able to get ahead of myself. Having said all that make-believe positivity, yes, I'd like a break from here. There is something in the wind, for me, that will take me from here...

    1. Hello Faisal, again:
      How intriguing.......our dearest wish would be that the wind of change would blow you in our direction. Do tell, what will take you from where you are?

    2. Hello Jane and Lance, I detect a wind of change, but I don't really know yet if it will take me with it or gust right past me!
      I'm keeping Mum until I know more, but you'll be among the first to know.

  3. Beautiful reflections of time past...and promises of what will be once more.

    1. Thankyou, Bonnie. It's nice to do small-scale work, after slogging it out in the garden! Nature is always delighting me.

  4. Replies
    1. Gadzooks, James, days are 13-14 degrees Celcius here ( 55+ Fahrenheit ) - nothing at all compared to what you deal with, so, to be honest, our gardens aren't under too great a strain!

  5. I like the texture of wire against the texture of plants...

  6. Jenny, ta. I like wire and sticks and bits of string, not for what they're meant to do, but for what they suggest.

  7. dear Faisal, I like this post because:
    1. of its simplicity, minimalism and Japanese, zen feel and
    2. because the pun in the last line made me laugh.
    cheers, cm

  8. Catmint, you're my hero(ine). I can't stand myself when I get too complicated...the Japanese seem to know how to cut that.