Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Bit on the Side

I have nothing better to do, day in, day out, than assemble exteriors.
The spade  is a symbol of hard labour, green the colour of naivety.
This, actually, is my computer desk. Being so high that I've been hunching over it in an elderly fashion, I decided to lop some of its legs off.
I had, thus, an excellent opportunity to waste a morning giving it a new purpose.
There are things here I have no idea of the name of. Oh so careless, Faisal, but I do prefer colour to remembering data.
Silver-blue, blood-tan, old steel, purple-grey, slime-lime.
There was grass to be cut, there were weeds to be pulled, cobwebs to be banished, a pear and red wine jelly to be made. But time, surely, is sometimes expendable.
And I waste it like no-one I know.
If the world were hard at it making art, there'd be no time for war...
thus, in the creation of art or design, what matters is the harmonic embodiment of feeling, not the will to impose thought, or the thinking to impose will.
It's said that it's dangerous to throw time away, not to accomplish acts of influence, of power...
but I shy away from my own significance. Existence, and the light within which it is held, is far more real.


  1. Faisal,
    I am always touched by how beautifully you arrange such simple objects.

  2. I love table top settings... still life views from above.. you have some wonderful collections.. and artfully displayed.. and your last sentence about existence is very compelling.

  3. Donna, hi. There's something about small things that gives me a sense of wonder.

  4. dear Faisal, harmonically embodying feeling -and wasting time, I want to do lots of those. Most of your posts are my favourites, but I think this is my favourite favourite that I relate to most deeply. Arranging objects (as anything can be) is a way of meditating - did you feel very refreshed afterwards? cheers, c

  5. Sue, it was a necessity, to do this. However much time is free, it's still a place to do things. Our lives are so skewed by notions of what we have to do, we forget what we want to do. Since I was as young as I remember I've been arranging things. Saying that, I've only been arranging things within the context I've been given.
    I go out and I let myself do something stupid. Sometimes it doesn't work. Whatever 'stupid' is, it's sometimes at the core of our being. I'm the stupidest man I know: when everyone else is running north, I'll go south.
    Working at doing things creatively leaves me not so much refreshed, as replete. I have such a good time, I can't believe life is such a happy thing. And when I feel replete, I know there's a whole lot more work to do.
    I make a joke of it, that I do nothing all day. The truth is not quite like that, as you'd guess. Creativity is exhausting. I often come out of my work all ragged. But I like that too.
    It's wonderful to be alive, to be given this freedom to express yourself. I praise the Almighty every day for what this is all about, this love we're given, this chance to share our happiness.

  6. for some reason it makes my skin prickle to see a drawer so close to the ground. :)

    Interesting to see how your thoughts weave in and out of the plants...