Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Public Face

This poem is way outside the context of gardening, so I'm sorry to gardeners, or anyone preferring something less cerebral. Cold, grey weather in Melbourne has seen me writing much more. I am working on some garden ideas to post any time soon.

A Public Face


He has only this,
his public face.

No-one has asked him
if there is more,

in case it shatters the air,
or breaks a law.


If he has gone
on to convey

the public's shock and fear

relay a gulf
unbridgeably clear.


He shuts a door
more tightly fit,

dumbfounded by the strangers
and their chosen fates,

unlit. A life is real
inside, and emanates.

Faisal Grant, 23 June, 2011.


  1. Hello Faisal:
    'A Public Face' may, ideed, be outside of the public face of your blog, but we are so glad that you have included it here. And the way in which you have so very carefully and thoughtfully presented your poem does, we feel, add an additional dimension to what is already, of course, an 'art' work.

    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity of reading and seeing this.

  2. You're too kind, Jane and Lance. I'm grateful to have culturally-informed and considerate readers, such as yourselves, whose perspective I value.

  3. Faisal,
    We all wear a mask that the people around us see. It takes great courage and trust on our part to remove the mask and let the select few (or one!) to see our real, "private" face.
    You have posted this and allowed us a glimpse of your inner self. This has made me feel privileged as I read your excellent poem.

  4. Nicholas,
    that's a real compliment. I feel that if any creative work touches you, it's not just to the credit of the creator, but to yourself, that you have the capacity to recognise something resonant. Creativity is a shared experience, isn't it?

  5. I actually rather enjoy the mix of gardening and poetry/prose and anything else mundane or ethereal you wish to post about.
    How is your new doggy companion getting along?

  6. Thankyou, Meggs. Zara is getting alot more bounce each day. I find life much easier with a dog.
    Like me, I feel, you don't want to just blog about a single subject...