Friday, June 10, 2011

A Garden Cabinet ( a concocted garden )...

Gardening is often hard graft - how many hours I spend on utilitarian/back-breaking/uphill tasks I don't know...being inclined to speculate, preferring theatre to pedestrian trials and aiming to avert eyes from the tedious to the resuscitating, I draw the cyber cutains aside:


  1. Hello Faisal:
    We know only too well what you mean here. Hours, days, weeks and months of toil are, if one is fortunate, rewarded by a fleeting moment of glory which, alas, all too often passes all too quickly. No, whoever says that gardening is pure pleasure either does not garden or, most likely, is lying!

    Best never to draw the cybercurtain completely aside, just twitch it occasionally! Enjoy your wekend.

  2. As ever, dear Jane and Lance, your comments are astute and generous.
    Do we garden, sometimes, in preparation for something expected, goading the ground to fill an absence not entirely defined...perhaps I'm being too conceptual...certainly we put the labour in, in the hope of recompense. And so we slave.
    I'd like sometimes to simply visit gardens, and not have to get my hands involved!
    You two too, have a beaut weekend!

  3. Dear Faisal, I don't feel like this at all - gardening's never tedious - backbreaking at times, definitely. You're welcome to visit my garden, and just use your eyes, not your hands.

    Dear Jane and Lance, I think gardening is pure pleasure. I'm not lying, just maybe exaggerating a bit!

    cheers, CM

  4. That's certainly a positive outlook, Catmint...I've been constructing 'theatre' pieces because the garden I work on is difficult...this may have led to creative solutions, but it hasn't yet led to a garden that is presentable.
    Where I am, with few resources, often only in my imagination or courage, I am trying to avoid tedium every day. I would love to visit your garden, for I spend an enormous amount of time worrying that what I'm doing here is of any may be much later on, when I'm not here...

  5. dear Faisal, I worried that I was insensitive and simplistic. It's not tedious but it certainly has caused me angst over the years. Less so now though, as the garden and I age together I think we are coming to terms with each other. I forgot to say your concocted garden is exquisite. cheers, cm

  6. Dear Catmint, you weren't insensitive or simplistic...I've been working on this garden for only three years, so, despite alot of time spent on it, much of it continues to look scrappy. Anyone who's had a garden for an extended time must, on the other hand, have a clear perception of its character...I'd prefer to have that background, than to still be at the start of a garden!

  7. Dear Faisal, patience is certainly needed unless we are into those instant-type soulless gardens. Even after 30 years parts of the garden are still scrappy, and extremely potential. Interestingly, if I was starting again now I think I'd probably do it very differently. So i guess there's an advantage to being early on in the project - there are more possibilities!