Saturday, April 23, 2011

Steadying with Autumn

Here are a dozen current highlights: a new, oblong frame made for some Miscanthus zebrinus got from William Martin at 'Wigandia' -the purpose of the frame is purely aesthetic. South African starflowers, yet to bloom, on a new bluestone (?) plinth, one of 4 plinths I've been given today. Japanese sweet flag ( Acorus gramineum ), whose form and vigour I love. The Xanthorrhoea I grew from seed 15 years ago, with its wonderful, first flower-spike. The last of my Japanese anenome. Centaurea gymnocarpa - 'Dusty Miller' - one of my favourite shrubs. A patch of unmown grass, with acanthus and fishbone fern in the background. Amaryllis seeds. Muehlenbeckia, a wonderful native creeper. Last, a bromeliad.

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