Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jerusalem Artichoke Field Trip

Apart from some herbs, I haven't been a vegetable grower. But the benefits of home-grown food appeal. Along with leeks, shallots and mushrooms, Jerusalem artichokes ( Helianthus tuberosus ) are one of my favourite vegetables. I like them roasted.

This last season, two or three of my plants grew to 3-4 metres, from only a few fridge-battered tubers roughly buried. So for this coming season, I've built a circular bed, hoping to repeat the performance, but on a larger scale.

 They will screen the fence next door and yield wonderful yellow, daisy-like flowers too. Then I can eat them!


  1. Iwould kill my mother for that wheelbarrow!!!

  2. Well, I wouldn't exactly kill my mother, but I do admire that vintage wheelbarrow. I might permanently borrow it given half a chance. I've also thought many times about growing Jerusalem artichokes. Love them raw. Will have to try them roasted.

  3. John and James -
    alot of what I have is old/found object. I'm not sure if I've surfaced into the 21st Century yet. The wheelbarrow has a wonderful feeling, using it, and I prefer it to others, even when they're more functional. I've sort of purloined it and hope no-one will notice for the time being. The spade cost $10 in a charity shop.
    I've not tried Jerusalem artichokes raw, so that's next on the menu.