Tuesday, October 8, 2013


The winds that blew me off my feet 
( Where now is the Paraclete? ) 
and blew my head around a bit 
blew my context - that was it. 

Now I'm sort of getting by 
( Who's that person I call "I"? ) 
and picking up the parts that fell - 
and what was whole - to get me well. 

The winds are gusting round me still 
( Whyever do they gust so shrill? ),
but I am quiet and equipped 
to mend, if slightly chipped.  

Faisal Grant, 09/10/2013.


  1. Dear Faisal,

    I like this poem.
    (I like the asides)
    and I like the imagery.

    Bye for now,

  2. At least someone does, Kirk! I always get fewest comments on my poems, but to be fair, the best you can often do with a poem is take it in, they being a subjective entity. I appreciate your message.

  3. me too, slightly chipped. Hope you are bouncing back.

    1. I'm sorry Diana, I haven't been much on the circuit lately. I appreciate your kindness. I'm beginning to feel a few chips are a good thing - like a wonderful old piece of much-loved furniture, there's alot more character than something new you get out of a chain store!

  4. You used the word inspirational in your comment on my blog, Faisal. I am sorry to be repetitive and unoriginal, but this poem is nothing short of inspirational. As are you in the way you live your life - in an intense expressive spiritual questioning creative kind of way. (It seems we have formed a mutual inspiration society)

    1. Shucks. Let's have a mutual inspiration society Sue...they sure don't come knocking at the door, those fans, when you need them, with anything useful in their hands.

  5. hope you've recovered from your medical (mis)adventure.

    1. Today's been the first day I've actually begun to feel happy again. It's a strange world we live in that puts so much emphasis on power and place and achievement, when to me, good health is about Number 1. I'm sort of so very glad to have gone through this because it might just have contributed to making me a slightly better man.

  6. Faisal, I think you're a pretty good man already, without injuring yourself! Lovely poem and I like the concept of "slightly chipped". Aren't we all, to some extent?

  7. It's funny, Carol, but the chips are sometimes what you want to hide. But then you realise maybe they say more than all the nice smiley unchipped bits. Thanks for your care.