Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Limp, a Blip and a Bit of Believing

We're still alive, Zara and I. And getting around a bit. Times like these you really appreciate flowers ( or leaves, in this case ) 'round the house; and not just because you have an obsession with flowers or leaves or making bowers.
"Faisal, you've been awfully slow sometimes, lately - almost catatonic." Zara has stood by me, as doggies are wont to do, as have several friends, as have you, perhaps, who is reading this...anaesthesia is like a boxing match, to me, in from out of which you've been knocked.  
Today, two weeks' later, our spring wildly unpredictable - gales blowing every which way, rainstorms, skies brimming with sun - most of my pain has dispersed and I'm feeling glad to have undergone my crunch, for it's made me slow down and respect the body I'm blessed with. And I'm somehow feeling that whatever might be wrong, there really is a light that slips in to meet us when we bend down.
This quote I carry in my wallet:
"In the world you have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."
John 16:38


  1. Dear Faisal,

    I have been hearing about that wild colonial weather, and will get to experience it next week as we will be in Melbourne for a couple of weeks (AGA's father is gravely ill) and so your quote will have a special meaning for us. I may even be tempted to carry it around with me too.

    I'm glad you are feeling better. As Yazz and the Plastic Population sang way back in the 1980s: The only way is up!

    Bye for now


    1. Dear Kirk,
      I never knew the famous Yazz had a backing group called the Plastic Population, but that would be about right. I knew up would come along sooner or later, and it's being gratefully received!
      I hope all goes peacefully for you and yours involved.
      We seem to be getting deep winter, sudden spring, hints of chaos, gentle timelessness, all in one day.
      Take care, Faisal.

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  3. Dear Faisal, you and Zara need to keep things quiet for a bit longer. Don't rush things. I love your photos, you have a knack for putting interesting and beautiful things together. Go well!

  4. very american phrase: take it easy.

  5. Thank you for the quote, glad to hear your spring is on the way.

    1. For me, Paul, there's a lot of indecipherable obscurity in the Bible, but at heart there are amazing truths. This spring we are having is mental: we get gale-like winds, cold blizzards, snatches of heavenly peace and nothing in particular. We've had a marvelous winter in Melbourne, so I hope the tables don't turn and we get a shocking summer!