Friday, September 28, 2012

A Fabulism

Of belonging, of faith, of confidence, of new life.
Of togetherness, of unity, of movement upwards, of interdependence.
Of potential, of precision, of purpose.
Of letting go, of disclosure.
Of light, of regeneration, of vivacity.
Of balance, of confluence, of emanation.
Of wonder, of new worlds, of trust.


  1. Hello Faisal:
    This is an extraordinarily effective post for the way in which it sets out to challenge, define and reinterpret, largely through these wonderfully dramatic, somewhat surreal images, its subject matter.

    The two self portraits are, in our view, most striking and, intentionally or otherwise, appear to us to draw on a classical tradition which is then slightly distorted - but then this is, we suppose, the essence, at least in part, of fabulism.

    We are left here with much to provoke further thought, Faisal. And on reflection we are at fault simply to refer to this as a 'post' for it does, rightly in our view, stand as an art work complete in itself.

  2. Hello Jane and Lance:
    believe me, the labour involved in bringing to life a handful of images borders on too much. All the more grateful I am then for your appreciative very humbling comments.
    I wanted to present a fable that was real. I wanted it to be known that the fable, or the fabulous, is alive in our lives, and that it throws light on our world, and may actually be its driving force.
    The fable itself is not a fable, but very often the truth.
    However much fun I had mucking about with wet ash, with sewing leaves together, with lighting fires, the truth is I was really only wanting to connect.

    1. Dearest Faisal,
      Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to reply in such a detailed way. Connect you did and, most powerfully at that.

      Where reality and fantasy overlap can be a fine line indeed. And, what we feel you have shown so creatively here is that such boundaries may only be the limits of our imaginations rather than real in themselves. Surely it is by challenging convention and pushing forward frontiers that we can really know and appreciate the extent of the human spirit and for this, we thank you!

    2. Lovely Jane and Lance,
      creativity's hard work. It means being alert and remembering detail and co-operating with the constraints of a given environment.
      It gets bad press when it appears to be wanting to divorce itself from reality.
      I'd wanted here to show how a creative act can relate to reality, and how reality forms the base of all creativity.
      Thankyou. It's good to know something worked.

  3. "This as a 'post'... stand as an art work complete in itself." I could not agree more with that comment. If you "only wanting to connect", you certainly have managed that very well. Quite plainly beautiful and meaningful work. Thank you!

  4. Thanks Roger. Sometimes people I meet here mean more to me than people I come across, though people I come across mean much. Having a performance streak, I like to be noticed, but I wouldn't like to be noticed for nothing. I don't know what I'd be doing if it wasn't for the channel that blogging has allowed...probably sitting quietly doing nothing as I so often did. Life, though, is not for doing nothing, but for doing something.

  5. I am glad I read the comments and your responses Faisal, 'cause for a moment I thought you went mad! - sorry I'm being too honest here, I am one of those annoying people...

    Still, what the Hattatts, Roger and you are writting about your performance makes sence.
    I like it. It is indeed a matter of trust...

    Enjoy your weekend my friend :)

    1. Demie I've already had a nervous breakdown - many years ago - and that won't be happening again.
      Sometimes, in representing feelings, madness may be approached, and indeed, it's mad to wander around dressed up in leaves and ash, in our world, if that's what I was doing. But all of this is only done for the creation of a piece of art. To be trusting, sometimes madness, like anything else, has to be dealt with.
      I'm glad you now consider me sane!
      You too have a lovely weekend!

  6. We only realise how much work goes into creating a blog post, when we move from passive reading, to active finding an idea, writing it, and photographing it (not necessarily in that order). Is your laurel wreath tobacco?

    1. Diana, how right you are. I can't believe how entangling it can all be, putting a few moments of blog together. And the time. And it's amazing how often I've felt I can't think of another thing to post, but if I want to, bang, suddenly a new idea comes along.
      The laurel wreath is canna. Funny you should mention it because I'd thought how similar it was to tobacco when I was preparing it. You've reminded me of childhood memories of farmhouse holidays in my state of Victoria's tobacco-growing district. I absolutely loved the smell.

  7. Dear Faisal,

    I found this post of yours to be intriguing.

    Along with Roger, I also agree with Jane and Lance in their summation of your post.

    Today I seem to be agreeing with everyone because when you write: "Reality forming the basis of creativity." That to me says what I feel when I read your post and if I may say so, it also has relevance to all that is creative, in all methods of artistic expression, including fables!

    As a sometime amateur writer, sometimes amateur poet, sometimes amateur 'painter' and sometime very amateur sculptor; creativity arising from reality (and imagination can - I believe - form part of our reality) is what motivates me.

    I thank you for this very interesting post!


    1. Hello Kirk:
      to me the fantasy or inspiration of art draws on the real world, or must, at least, use it. Art without reference to reality is meaningless, just as reality without reference to art is meaningless.
      I'm glad you're motivated to produce. It's so easy to shut these expressions down because we decide we're not good enough, but really, everybody should be expressing themselves creatively in one way or another.
      Have a beautiful weekend.

  8. Once I again I find myself seeing this taking form through movement. I love the rhythm. The following photograph gives a moment for pause. I think your latest comment above to be as poetic and rhythmic as your post.

    1. Hi Bonnie. The "doing something" comment? Life is worth living, and part of the living of life is expressing ourselves, however imperfectly.
      Blogging is like having my own gallery, or diary others can read, or magazine, though the best part is I'm engaging with others and their self-expression. We're all in this together, huh?
      Thankyou for your astute comment.

  9. F, What can one say except Bravo.
    Best Canna's

  10. you seem to be describing all religions.

  11. I hadn't thought of it Annmarie, but you might be right there. An observant comment: thankyou.