Friday, December 9, 2011

Not gardening, writing


Even starting to speak
takes air enough
to displace a planet.

It's impossible to begin
to find a word
commensurate with your question.
If I could ban it -

There is, though, a leak
of words. It's tough
to stand here, hearing

my attempt, a sin
if ever I heard
one. I am not a bastion,
but a channel, unfearing.

Faisal Grant, 09/12/2011.


  1. Hello Faisal:
    If only all transitions could be seamless, unjarring, smooth as silk. But, as humans, we are so often lost for words, the right words, or indeed any words. How beautifully you capture this here.

    You, dear Faisal, are indeed a channel, for inspiring ideas and thoughts which go beyond usual boundaries. We are constantly uplifted and refreshed by them!

  2. Hello Jane and Lance,
    I'm awfully humbled.
    I know that you like to get words right, and for me, this has been a lifelong imperative. Words, like anything else we create, have a wave effect. If the struggle to locate them as nearly as possible isn't recognised, there isn't any point having them...they are a precious commodity.
    I don't have sufficient words to say how delighted I am to have made your acquaintance!

  3. your words, do have a wave effect. and that wave creates feelings and thoughts and maybe some words of our own ( us reading ) ...

  4. This is important. Words and meaning. Today, in the U.S., I'm reminded of the image of the Tower of Babel. Words, words, words, and none of them mean what they say. Every one of them speaking in their own language, no desire to communicate, have meaning in common, communion.

  5. Velma, that is coming from a poet!

    Demie, we are all in a bigger sea, are we not, swimming through the waves and floating, sometimes, on calm waters.

    James, you're not alone in the U.S. There is so much here said for political purposes, said for the truthiness. Concord is not a priority - but, of course, when things get this bad, or when they're recognised as being this bad, change starts to happen. I hope so. Language has seen to have become throwaway, a situation that cannot continue: words matter.