Friday, December 2, 2011


Were I to awaken in a world beyond this one, without reference to all I've known, I'd hope to be fearless.
It might be perceived as a flight into another, or a renewed, state...
amongst an assembly of other entities, my former self dissembled.
I would have vanished then into a landscape where my liminality would experience new qualities.
Alert to other imperatives, the "I" I'd then be would have a new commision, and new exercise.
Never homeless, forever belonging in a universe so vast I would never locate any boundaries...
witness to an everlasting truth, with an evolution unending.


  1. trying to find something to say ( write ) on this...
    my english are simly too poor

    you are my favorite poet

  2. You're extraordinarily kind, Demie. Sometimes I run out of words too.

  3. I hope, James, gardening and other work keep me grounded!

  4. makes me think of Alice through the looking glass, but much calmer.

  5. I slip and slide as much as Alice ever did, Catmint...