Wednesday, July 30, 2014


fruits and circles, binding ties
the shock of encounter
ways of approach
value, merit and gift
response and repletion
destiny captured; sustenance
a new view


  1. I thought I was being watched. By someone observant.

    1. I dunno, Jane, but I feel it's with my eyes I best make sense of the world and it's with my eyes I like to make apparent that which has been hidden.

  2. Hello Faisal,

    It is so intriguing when objects are taken from their usual surroundings and placed entirely differently that one sees something so completely unique. In this, you have a very special eye.

    Your Hort Art is so very appealing. The mix of colour, form and texture is chosen with an artist's eye for detail and composition. Surely, one could look at this time and time again, observing something different on each occasion.

    1. Hello Jane and Lance,
      We get so used to the world around us being what it it that we forget it can be other things. This world we live in is a marvel, not simply a function.
      And so it's always with a sense of anticipation that I approach composition. The haphazard is there, alongside the orchestrated. I am surprised as anyone by the results.

  3. Fantastic new header too Faisal...

  4. Thank you, Hannah! I wanted to refresh the image...