Friday, January 10, 2014

Europe Endless

It was on going to lunch for my sister's birthday at The European in Spring Street that I did a quick wander in this, one of my favourite parts of Melbourne.
St Peter's, Eastern Hill is an institution, a high Anglican enclave on the edge of the CBD. But I'm sorry to say my intentions today have been a little more earthly and temporal...
I like this stark and strictly defined planting round the side of St Peter's...
just as I like this nearby view, European Heritage, with Greens. 
Oops, here we are at the blurry drinks menu at The European. Oh, we ate all sorts of delicious things today; I had gnocchi with broadbeans, mint and peas and sage. The atmosphere was what I think of as European, elegant, simple, refined, relaxed and convivial.
We left little behind...barely enough for a mouse. The cheeses and wines were superb. The waiters were quick, discreet, friendly. I felt blessed, not only to be able to enjoy this - and being the poor relative, I didn't have to pay - but to be able to enjoy it with those I love.
It was something like 34 degrees Celsius today, but they get that heat in the Mediterranean, so I didn't feel it was such a long stretch to feel myself on the other side of the world. But you can in Melbourne, this city of many, and many harmonious, cultures, where life is timeless.


  1. Being thoroughly European; it's high time I put Melbourne on my list of destinations!

  2. Not knowing Melbourne very well (born & bred Sydneyite), I do enjoy your wanderings around the parts of your city that I'll probably never see. The birthday lunch sounded charming, and there's nothing like good cheese and wine! Thank goodness for families!

    1. Yes, I barely know Sydney, Carol...only a couple of fleeting visits in the 80s. Strange it is to have an identity in common, yet to be a world apart.
      Thank you Carol. I hope you get your nibbles and sips this year!

  3. 43! Even in the Med, that doesn't happen that often. Now I'm really worried.

    Your photos don't look that warm, grey stone and green leaves give a cool impression. And the mint.

    Very nice post. I speak europeanly and proudly.

  4. 34, Jane, 34! It's 43 today though, STINKINGLY hot.
    Oh, for some weather normality!
    Oh, for a cool summer!
    Thank you. I would love to be in Europe RIGHT ABOUT NOW.