Monday, December 16, 2013


As I write this post, I look out my window and see again that neighbours in the court opposite have let their two bunnies out to nibble the verge. Zara is entirely unaware of them, so far, for she and Biscuit and I have been frolicking out the back...
 ...where the grass has been allowed to grow. Hang on a minute - it's been allowed to grow all over the place! - but that's a lawn-mowing story.
 I'm not always a big fan of 'cute', but everyone weakens somewhere among the flowers -
- where thrilling adventures are to be had.
It helps to have a partner, someone furry, inquisitive and wide-eyed.
There may of course be occasional procedural differences...
...but on the whole not a second is wasted. At least you'll get some sort of glimpse of my garden, which glimpse I've been avoiding out of sheer embarrassment. It's more the sort of  tangle of a place you can run around in, tail flying, than the sort of elegant composition that will ever grace a magazine.
And that's enough for me, now, just to know it can bring delight, that it can be the stage for delight.
And speaking of 'cute', you can see above why I fell in love with Zara, can't you?
By the way, despite madcap rough and tumbles, neither of the gals gets hurt. So I'm allowed to turn my back on them and get gardening, without anxiety. And that makes it a frolic for me too!


  1. Very delightful indeed. I don't know what I like more; the images or the story, for they can't be separated. I wouldn't mind to be Zara though...

    1. Hahaha, Hannah, that's so sweet. I'd never want you to be on a leash though...

  2. Zara is beautiful - you'd have to fall for her. Biscuit is also very pretty, both girls have fine colouring. I enjoy these glimpses into your garden and what's a bit of long grass? All the better to adventure in...

    1. Thank you kindly Carol. It's marvelous for them both to have a friend...much more entertaining than just a human!

  3. Dear Faisal,
    'Biscuit': I like that name.
    I like the photos.
    Of course, I like Chief Inspector Zara.
    I like the fact that Biscuit has already created a social order of sorts that allows her to sit on a chair and look down upon Zara when the need arises.
    In fact I like this whole post! What a pleasant idyllic (perhaps even bucolic) life you are experiencing!
    Bye for now,

    1. Hello Kirk,
      yes, there's a slippery sort of pecking order, a sort of role-reversal going on, back and forth, Top Dog, Top Cat, you know...
      Occasionally they both get tired at about the same time and agree to nap.
      Thank you for your comment. It's the loveliest spring I remember.
      See you,

    2. Christmas greetings, Faisal, Zara and Biscuit! Have a wonderful Christmas and new year and I look forward to further adventures in the near future. Carol

    3. Thank you Carol. You too, I wish you a happy Christmas and new year. I'm sure there'll be plenty to relate about the Dynamic Duo!