Monday, November 25, 2013

The Five ( or Seven ) of Us

I have a batch of old slides we all used to watch in a darkened dining room. And at last I'm getting them converted to photos. I'm on the horse, with my elder sister and younger brother and my Mum and Dad, c1963. It doesn't seem so long ago and I can vaguely remember the day at a property of friends of my parents in Templestowe, outside of Melbourne, now a sprawling suburb. Gee up, horsey!


  1. Dear Faisal,
    Old images bring back so many memories don't they. One may not remember the exact and entire details of the event that led to the photo being taken, but their presence conjures up various thoughts and remembrances, which in turn lead to other paths, and twists, and turns, as the mind delves deeper in to the past. A very pleasant time can be spent in looking at old images.
    By the way, 1963 was a very good year for my parents because it was the year I was born!
    Bye for now,

  2. Hello Kirk,
    I'm not always sure sometimes now if the memories I've associated with photographs come from my memory or the photographs themselves. I'm not sure what things will be like in the future for those who today seem to have every moment photographed. Too much of a good thing? These slides have been precious to me because they are among a small number that exist - people didn't generally take a lot of photographs back then. And it's nice for me to be able to re-acquaint myself with my young parents.
    Cheers Kirk.

  3. Lovely family memories, Faisal and you all look very happy. I think we take too many photos now, I certainly do, and they aren't treasured as photos were when we were young.

    1. I certainly treasure the small number of photos I've got, Carol - they can bring back whole threads of memory.