Monday, December 24, 2012

l'amour divin

"The soul is aglow" because of one man's faith, trust and humility.
Some time ago my brother-in-law came back from Paris with the book pictured above, and gave it to me. I forget where I found the crucifix. The rosemary comes from my garden. The book is 'L'ame embrassee de l'amour divin', published in 1812.
I don't know where the world's going, but I do know that Jesus Christ gave his life to Almighty God for the redemption of humanity. And that is why I'm alive today, and writing this. Having been influenced by Islam, I'm aware that the Prophet Muhammad revered Christ's place as his forbear.
It isn't all really an issue about who did what when, but about the fact our lives have an origin far deeper than is normally acknowledged.
Officially, some of us celebrate that fact tomorrow. I would be happy to open my heart to any human being who is brave enough and gentle enough to stake their future in a world that promises harmony and a just resolution of all conflict.
May peace reign throughout this world.