Saturday, January 21, 2012



Never give me what I want -
I, losing my footing,
am the font
of all meandering.

You had suspected
someone, with some gumption,
would have trodden
purposefully -
unlike me - to all the others

You will want to replace me,
sooner or later,
with an individual
unable to make an assumption -

Faisal Grant, 21/01/2012.


  1. Hello Faisal:
    We can think of no finer Follower than you! Erudite, funny, sympathetic, knowledgeable, unpredictable and always kind, we could not wish for anyone better. We are humbled that you are such a loyal reader of what we write.

    Replace you? Impossible. You are a one-off, unique,a free spirit,an individual thinker......much more a leader than a Follower!!!

  2. Hello darling Jane and Lance,
    pehaps the best place to be is where the light is neither too strong nor too weak. I have frequently been obliged to be where it is at either extreme. I couldn't, honestly, have continued writing, unless I'd found like-minded individuals.
    Although the world's a very big place, it's a very small one when I think of where I've been. You're extremely generous to me. All of us, in this world, have something to say, and I wouldn't be able to say a thing unless I'd faced a few of life's difficulties. I find, more and more, that the world is being populated with people who care.
    We have, I guess, a long way to go before we are to be considered worth saving. Nonetheless, the process has begun, and I long for the day when all of humanity will sing together. We are singing now, aren't we?...we are singing in hope.
    Dawn is now and it is forever.
    Thankyou, friends,

  3. Faisal, As a follower of your informative and enlightening blog, I fear it is I who fails you. I must add your posts have never disappointed me. It is blogs such as "Gardener in the Distance" I am drawn in by. Thank you for sharing your insights and talents.

  4. You know Bonnie, without encouragement and a receptive audience and without the many out there who intrigue and entertain me, I'd have given up making an effort a long time ago. When I began blogging, I had no idea how it could help me grow. Thankyou.

  5. i see you as a fellow soul... sorry if that sounds a bit too lyrical.
    i wouldn`t replace you. no way

  6. Demie, it's such a beautiful thing to connect with people like you in other parts of the world, as if we'd really met and spent time together. I feel very grateful for's something I revere.