Friday, November 4, 2011

Desperado - Gardening Somewhere

It's night. It's Friday. I know tomorrow, when I want to go out and direct the making of a sequence of divinely-inspired garden images, I'm going to be lugging an unwieldy wheelbarrow, staggering on my arthritic knees and ripping out metres of couch grass instead.
So I've run around like a mad peacock - not that I'd think such a ridiculously extravagant bird would have anything to do with me ordinarily - and caught some interior images, just before they flew away..
There IS vegetation here, sort of...the point I may want to make is that plants occupy places in our lives left, right and centre, and the notion of being a gardener, to me, is not simply something I do OUTSIDE, but something I take with me, wherever I go... 
Do other gardeners have to feel. or DO feel, that their gardening takes place around them, in other ways? As a concept, 'gardening', to me, is a state of nurturing, involving my relationship with the organic, natural world, even when I'm not outside in what may be recognised as a garden.

Around me I have built, all my life, bowers. I am wondering if some part of me has wings, and is waiting for a moment, whether it be in the garden proper, or in my constructed interior garden, when 'garden' is no longer a matter of being inside or outside. I will fly everywhere, and there will be no fences. Is this a dream of Eden?


  1. Hello Faisal:
    We can certainly identify with the notion of 'nurturing' as gardening by another name. And, surely, the creation of a comfortable and comforting nest in which to escape from the world at large.

    The glimpses of your own home which you show us here are so interesting and inviting. Clearly, nutrition for the body as well as the soul can be found within and upon these walls.

    Happy gardening weekend, Faisal, indoors and out!!

  2. answer to all of the above. :)
    A very lovely and evocative post Faisal.
    Have a wonderful weekend in the garden!

  3. i have just started my gardening career this summer ( the one already gone)
    but i have always had a nurturing relationship with the natural world inside my house...
    i wish you `ll have Eden in your heart and wings in your mind : ) always

  4. Living green, whether gardening in the garden, or living the rest of our life. We have in our livingroom - a huge pecan branch = our indoor tree, a reed mat and a calabash.

  5. Hello Jane and Lance,
    this morning I've woken to what will become a glorious 30 degree spring day...I will certainly be happy outside, in it, and be able to feel 'at home'.
    Thankyou, again for your empathy and generosity.

  6. Hello Meggs, and thankyou for your supportive words. We've had a long winter here - the cold goes on for about 6 months - so spring, when it comes, is like having the doors blown open to another world.

  7. Demie, thankyou. You always have such a good way with words, spoken sincerely. With your snowy winter, you'll be indoors alot now, I guess?
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  8. Hello Diana, I bet you have some amazing plants at your doorstep, just as we do in Australia, though not so much in domesticated Melbourne. I checked out your shots of the Elephant's Eye, and yes, there's no doubt about it, that's an elephant there. What a wonderful place you live in!

  9. i wonder about being a gardener, or in my case forager is probably more accurate. we foragers are opportunists, but we encourage and appreciate!

  10. Velma, there's nothing like foraging, and there's nothing like going outdoors and simply discovering and accessing it, rather than worrying too much about a garden being 'right'.

  11. Dear Faisal, I love this post. I guess the most important thing is our capacity to nurture our relationship with our inner garden. We're always vulnerable but the last thing we lose is our inner garden. cheers, catmint

  12. Gardening and nurturing are synonymous in my opinion. So gardening happens wherever and whenever.

    Taking off and flying everywhere? You haven't been at the magic mushrooms, have you?

  13. No, Friko, the only tripping I do involves wheels, or feet placed firmly on the ground!

  14. That's a nice idea, Catmint...I guess in our outer garden we're trying to construct an approximation of our inner garden, with varying degrees of success, of course!