Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hapless Days: a Gardener Undone

Not everything goes according to plan in The Garden of Earthly Delights...
Before you know it, fate is looming up at you...

Protect yourself from mishap by selecting only the finest labour-saving devices...

Good outdoor seating is guaranteed to have you surrounded by chatty friends...

Provide top-class barbecue facilities for unforgettable afternoons...

Discourage friends from daring acrobatics...

Those closest to you can lose their footing in the blink of an eye...

A quick and masterful eye detects hapless blows before they come hammering down...

Nothing says "style" so much as hi-tech equipment. You'll need it to be ready for tomorrow's stunning opportunities... 


  1. Hello Faisal:
    A man after our own heart! Prepared for every eventuality for, who knows, tomorrow [or, even today] one may be DISCOVERED!!

    Or, better still, perhaps, lie back and think of England [or Melbourne, or Sydney, or a sandy beach,or star gazing, or sipping red wine......]

  2. Hello Jane and Lance,
    I wouldn't want to miss out on anything sensational, would I?
    This poem's for you:


    Wherever I am blown -
    though it is,
    on my own -

    I belong within a pulse
    worth trusting
    and not else.


  3. I take it , no one saw you with your legs up the tree?

  4. I wouldn't be surprised, John. It's probably on YouTube already...

  5. Nice socks!!

    (I'm going to steal that garden seat.)

  6. There I am, James, stuck half-senseless up a tree and all you can notice is the socks!
    PLEASE, I'll leave the front gate open, no questions asked, THE GARDEN SEAT IS ALL YOURS.

  7. i laugh all the way from Norway... you are one of a kind and i want that hammer - it says style : )

  8. LOL!-Especially that barbecue!

    Poor Mr. Bun!!!!


  9. Demie, I hope ripples of laughter go round the world, or why else would I waste so much time being a fool? I bought the hammer 20 years' ago at a country market...I love it because it's completely impractical.

  10. Yes, Meggs, I'm afraid Bunny's stuck with me...maybe you could drop by with some sausages and the three of us could make whoopee.

  11. A wonderful post... I now have a great big smile on my face...

  12. It does alot for me to hear that, Andrew.

  13. Save the bunny from the cactus!!

  14. Suze, Bunny's working days are over and he's now sitting on a rug where he can enjoy a quiet life, only occasionally squashed by Doggy.

  15. That's brilliant Faisal, after 20 years your hammer achieved it's purpose - well worth the wait. Thanks for gearing me up to go to work .... Dave

  16. I can't believe, David, that my efforts have done anything at all to encourage anyone to garden, or even perhaps, open their door...perhaps in another 20 years I'll find another purpose for the hammer - no reason to rush into things, is there?

  17. great post but I hope no one reports you for toy rabbit abuse.

  18. You're...'Silly'.

    You must also therefore be a closet fan of Andy Riley's 'The Book of Bunny Suicides'.

    Things certainly look a bit wobbly for der wabbits on dis blog. Specially for der wun dat wants to fawee dive onto all der nasty cactus plants up dare.

    Whot a weally weally wotten howwid way to go.


  19. Oooops, the hyperlink I cheekily inserted into part of my comment scrawl up there, doesn't become highlighted on your bloggy. If you hover & click your cursor over the text 'The Book of Bunny Suicides', either here or just up there, you'll be suddenly dragged through a wormhole, all the way down into a parallel bunny's Universe.

  20. I may try that, BBB. Sorry to take so long to reply, if you ever read this, but I've had blood-draining computer problems, possibly only now on the mend. Bunny will never be harmed, might I add: as an orphan I've pledged to look after him with due diligence.