Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Every morning you greet me...

I've been feeding the resident magpies ( Gymnorhina tibicen ) for three years. Throughout the day, but early morning especially, they come to a jacaranda tree near the back door, where I put their beef. The patriarch, seen here, is the most audacious, coming onto the back porch to be fed.

Here too, is a YouTube video, recording the song, if you haven't heard it... 


  1. Hello Faisal:
    Such a striking bird with its black and white foliage. What a perfect way to start the day!

  2. Yes, Jane and Lance, their carolling wakes my heart.

  3. They are beautiful birds. Saw my first Magpies when I drove out here to New Mexico and am sorry to say they are not in my area.

  4. Meggs, hi. Were they the Australian species, introduced, or another bird. also called 'magpie'? I know they've been introduced to New Zealand, but I don't know where else.
    I've noticed quite a difference in their singing, depending whether they're city or country birds!

  5. Hi Faisal, so pleased you included the video. I get mixed up between magpies and butcher birds. cheers, cat